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USPTO Now Issues Digital Certificates

The USPTO will no longer send physical trademark registrations as of May 24, 2022. "Over the years, many of our customers indicated that they would prefer to receive their trademark registration certificate in a digital format rather than as a paper certificate. In response to this feedback, we began issuing trademark registrations via electronic certificates to anyone whose trademark registers. This change makes certificates more accessible and decreases the time for customers to receive them, while simultaneously furthering the USPTO's efforts to implement beginning-to-end electronic processing for trademark applications. Trademark registration certificates are no longer issued by printing the registration certificate on paper and mailing the certificate to the correspondence address of record. Instead, the registration is issued electronically by the USPTO under electronic signature of the Director and with a digital seal, which serves to authenticate the registration." While the USPTO no longer sends paper registration certificates upon issue, you can order printed copies. Trademark owners who filed an initial application before May 24, 2022 can order one for free from the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS). Owners who file an initial application on or after May 24, 2022 can purchase one for $25.


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